Real Time Targeting

  • Real Time technology  let you buy :  The media you need, when you need and where you need it instead of bulk buying
    • This is done through the scientific use of a combination of Real Time Bidding tools, Ad Trading Desks, DSP and SSP. By this you will be able to buy the audience you want more precisely and moreover, you just pay for that audience you chose.


Monitoring and Optimization of Ad Campaigns 

  • Real Time reporting and Media Optimization methods will monitor and refine the ads while running , thus improving the results
  • Arkay’s  media optimization procedures identify the strategy & tactics that work for each campaign: Behavioral / Demographic targeting, preferred sits, day-part etc
  • Arkay’s scientific tools track : data, clicks, actions, costs etc. in real time, analyze and refine to make the best media buy
  • Also create and audience profile which could be used for optimizing future campaign, re-targeting etc


Audience Profile Ownership

  • Collect and own audience profile data whenever the campaign is running and use the information to better the results in the future
  • Identify customer whenever they engage with a site or ad and then re-target them when they go on to open the web
  • Create various segments based on the usage pattern, test, measure and refine to optimize price for media buying and acquisition


Data Rich Targeting

  • Deliver the right message at the right time to the to the right target audience
  • Arkay will enable you to target by location, ISP, mobile, language, OS, device, interests and more..
  • Through re-targeting, marketers can serve ads to customers who have come to the site but didn’t complete a transaction


Real Time Advertising –


  • In the beginning, media buying was more on the basis of relationship. Proliferation of various media formats made media buying very complex. This led to the introduction of media research and agencies and advertisers started depending on reader/viewer/listener data to decide media planning and placement.
  • Even then, multiplicity of media (all formats) and changing habits of media consumption, made media planning more difficult as precision targeting was not possible. This resulted in considerable wastage of ad spend.
  • Evolution of internet gave a new face and media buying became more accurate and scientific.
    • Emergence of millions of websites lead to the birth of ad networks. Then ad exchanges emerged which is a network of various ad networks resulted in a huge pile of inventory
    • In that place, a software based eco system emerged and precision targeting is made possible. Today, we can target our audience when are where it is required
    • RTB let advertises bid on impressions which helped in rationalizing the price
    • That is the future